Mayor Marl Disputes Report, Says City Has No Agreement on Andelina Farms

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 05/23/2019 - 00:05

City of Saline Mayor Brian Marl denied Saline township officials’ assertions the city is in agreement on an annexation agreement that would serve the proposed Andelina Farms development and a potential develop to its north.

Marl called the report inaccurate.

“The city is not involved in the design, construction or placement of a private wastewater treatment facility that may or may not service multiple developments. Also, we are not considering ownership or operation of said facility,” Marl said, during a prepared statement at Monday’s Saline City Council meeting.

The Saline Post reported that township attorney Fred Lucas, at the May 13 township board meeting, reported that the city, township and developer were in agreement on a 425 agreement (annexation agreement) that would be in place prior to a house being built. Lucas told the board the city was processing language to take over responsibility for the construction, oversight and management of the plant.

“This makes sense because when the city achieves the necessary upgrades to their systems, it is their intent to connect the Andelina Farms water and sewer services into city systems,” Lucas said at the meeting.

The report from the township meeting caught some members of city council by surprise. Councillor Christen Mitchell noted that the last time council discussed the motion, council reached consensus that it would not extend water and sewer for Andelina Farms without annexing the property. Upon reading the report from the township meeting, Mitchell asked City Manager Todd Campbell for a timeline of the Andelina Farms issue. The timeline was provided to council, but not to the public.

The mayor addressed the report after returning home from a visit with the Saline-Brecon Friendship Guild to Brecon, Wales, and other United Kingdom locations.

Marl said members of city council would soon receive a copy of the proposed 425 agreement and discuss it in the coming weeks.

“It will be considerable time before the document is ready for consideration. Many gaps and omissions remain, but I’m hopeful that once completed it may be useful as a template for future annexation projects," Marls said.

While Marl said the the city has not agreed to anything, he said the city is open to suggestions.

"If a formal request were to be made by the developer, the proposal would be carefully vetted and receive fair consideration," Marl said.

MI Homes plans to build Andelina Farms, a 280-unit subdivision, in three phases on property just west of the city, between Michigan Avenue and Austin Road. The property is in Saline Township. Both the city and township have master plans that call for the property to be developed for housing you’d expect to see in the city, and not the rural township. The city and developer could not come to agreement on ways to pay to bring city water and sewer to the property.






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