Police Chief Reports Another Drop in Major Crimes

 07/22/2017 - 18:51

Major crime continues to plummet in the City of Saline.

In April, Saline Police Chief Larry Hrinik told city council that major crime was down 36 percent over three years. He also reported that major crimes were down 11.5 percent from 2015 to 2016.

In front of city council July 17, Hrinik said that in the first half of 2017, major crimes dropped another 15.2 percent.

“We’re doing something right and I appreciate the work that the officers do,” Chief Hrinik told council. “Our citizens are calling us when they see something suspicious, which certainly helps.”

Hrinik reported the figures during his quarterly report to Saline City Council. During the report Hrinik updated council on efforts to improve training and communication in the department.

He reported that roll call has been held three times a day and now includes dispatchers. City staff meeting notes are also forwarded to members of the SPD each week. One new initiative involves conducting exit interviews with officers who leave the department.

“The exit interview used Christopher Hoffman, who went to Ann Arbor, which will hopefully give us insight into why people are leaving the agency. That will be a practice that will continue,” Hrinik said.

Hrinik said Hoffman took the Ann Arbor job for several reasons, including more lateral opportunities in areas like the detective bureau or SWAT. Hrinik said Hoffman would have stayed with the Saline Police Department if offered retiree health benefits.

Councillor Janet Dillon asked if departing officers will be given the opportunity to have an exit interview with anyone else if they have issues with the police chief. Hrinik said he informs officers up front that they are free to list any issues they have with him and that he invites officers to send feedback to other city staff if they feel the need to do so.

Training continues to be a point of emphasis. Daily training bulletins are released by email from Lexipol to police on a monthly basis. Police must complete several training related tasks and are tested.

Sgt. Maag recently graduated from the Saline Leadership Institute and he’s expected to graduate from the School of Police Staff and Command in October. Police dispatchers and officers were provided 16 hours of dispatcher training in cultural diversity.

Total call volume in the second quarter was in line with first quarter numbers. Total activity for the SPD in the second quarter was 17,065 to bring the year-to-date total to 34,385.

Here are the patrol activity numbers for April-June 2017.

  • Dispatch calls   900
  • Case reports   223
  • Crashes   55
  • Arrests    53
  • Traffic Stops   594
  • Citations   228
  • Verbal warnings   447
  • Parking tickets   66
  • Residential checks   2991 (checking residential areas)
  • Business checks   6240
  • Vacation checks 17
  • Parks checks   1253
  • Person checks   1808 (when a person is check in LEIN)
  • Vehicle checks 1853 (when a vehicle is checked in LEIN)
  • Foot patrols   314



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