CORONAVIRUS: Another Washtenaw County Resident Claimed by COVID-19 as the Number of Cases Increases by 89

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 04/01/2020 - 15:17

Another resident of Washtenaw County has died because of COVID-19, bringing the total to eight, according to figures posted Wednesday afternoon by the Washtenaw County Health Department.

The Washtenaw County Health Department also reports the number of hospitalizations has grown by 12 from 88 to 100. Two more people have recovered from the virus, bringing the number to 17.

The total number of cases in the county rose by 89 to 400. Yesterday, there were 42 new cases reported by the health department.

According to an anonymous source among Saline emergency personnel, there are at least four Saline households with people diagnosed with COVID-19.

In Michigan, the number of new reported COVID-19 deaths rose by 78 to 337. There were 75 new reported deaths yesterday. The number of new reported cases rose by 1,719 to 9,334. There were 1,117 new cases reported Tuesday.


Under the "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order, everyone should:

  • Stay at home - Do not leave home except for essential tasks such as getting groceries or seeking medical care. 
  • If you are out, stay at least 6 feet away from others and avoid any gatherings.
  • Wash your hands often and well, especially after being away from home
  • Do not touch your face or mouth, especially when out
  • Check on others - Call your loved ones and neighbors who are most at risk and see how they are doing. If they require an essential errand, see how you can help.

Under the "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order you CAN:

  • Go to the grocery store or pick up take-out food.
  • Go to the pharmacy to pick up a needed prescription.
  • Engage in outdoor activities like walking, hiking, running, biking.
  • Go to the hospital or secure any care necessary to address a medical emergency or to preserve your health or the health of a loved one.
  • Fill your car with gas.
  • Return to Michigan to a home or place of residence from outside the State.
  • Leave the State for a home or residence elsewhere.
  • Walk your pets and take them to the veterinarian for needed medical care.

Under the "Stay Home, Stay Safe" order you MAY NOT:

  • Leave the home to work unless your employer designates you as a critical infrastructure worker.
  • Participate in any public gatherings.
  • Visit someone in the hospital, nursing home, or other residential care facilities (with limited exceptions).
  • Go to the mall or to dine-in restaurants.
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