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 05/18/2020 - 11:11
Activities and Ideas for Quarantine - Especially with Kids!

Despite our hopes and optimism, quarantine continues. As the weather improves and some activities (such as golf and curbside pickup at hobby, gardening, and craft stores) open up, we are still asked to stay home as best we can as we continue to minimize the spread of COVID19. At this point, many of us are running low on patience and activities, especially kids! We’ve sent out various tips and ideas over the last few months in hopes of spreading positivity and hope, and we have decided that just wasn’t enough. 

So, we have created a YouTube channel (Still Waters Virtual Counseling) with video resources as another way of being with you as best as we can during this time! 

In the videos (uploaded weekly) you’ll find ideas for helping kids structure homeschooling, loads of fun and healthy activities, and some guidance on helping kids through intense emotions. 

What concerns are you having in your household as the Stay Home order continues?

If youre struggling with getting kids to focus on home learning: 

Regular school structure teaches kids academic skills through daily repetition, and in time, most kids were able to get into a flow. When schools suddenly closed, kids had to re-adjust to a totally new plan and new expectations. And parents had to step into home schooling, while balancing their own tasks and needs. It’s completely understandable to be stressed. But you’re not alone! This video is for you if your kids need help (The Less Stress Academic Schedule) making a plan for studying and study breaks, and tracking that plan day-to-day to build a healthy and individualized study structure. 

If youre running out of activities: 

Nine weeks into Stay Home, most of us have done all of the crafts, activities, and tasks that we could think of. We’re itching for new ideas, especially our kids! They’re even growing tired of TV and video games! And as parents and professionals, we want to guide kids through activities that are both fun and healthy. We recommend exploring what your value, and what values you want your kids to learn - creativity, health, adventure, knowledge, nature, etc. Then, pick activities for kids and the whole family based on those values. Maybe each week can have its own value theme, with activities based on that theme. Maybe each day can be a new type of activity. We recommend mixing it up and trying activities that are different, even if they seem odd or challenging at first. Explore and learn together with your kids, and allow yourself to try some silly things without judgment. Check out these videos for tons of activity ideas for kids and family: Quarantine Activity Ideas for Kids Part 1 and Quarantine Activity Ideas for Kids Part 2.

If youre noticing strong negative emotions in your children (anger, sadness, etc): 

This is a great time to be present with your kids as they experience frustrations related to COVID19, school tasks, and social difficulties (missing friends, navigating virtual connecting). Ideally this time gives us the power to practice and model coping skills. Mindfulness techniques like deep breathing, noticing with senses, and body meditations work great to reset, process emotions, and choose healthy coping instead of acting on negative emotions in unhealthy ways. This video has a great example of one technique that can help kids (and adults) calm down and reset. (Mindfulness for Kids - Mindful Breathing for Relaxed Focus).

As Stay Home continues, it’s understandable to be frustrated and out of ideas and energy. We hope these videos give you some new perspectives and ideas you can build on for the next few weeks. 

Wishing you health and happiness, 

P.S. We are posting one video a week on our Facebook page and on our YouTube channel. Please check out either one for updates and new ideas each week.

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