Charges for Saline Man Who Fled Police and Drove Through Playground

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 10/10/2017 - 15:11

A 28-year-old Clark Street man was charged with fleeing a police officer and operating a vehicle while intoxicated after driving through the playground at Six Trails apartments early in the morning Oct. 1.

Eric Clifford Arendt, 28, was arraigned Oct. 3 in 14 A1 District Court.

According to a police report, shortly before 2 a.m., an officer was in his cruiser on Valley Circle Drive when he waved out the window for a vehicle to pass. The driver edged forward twice but did not pass. The officer backed up to investigate. When it appeared the driver might back away, the officer ordered him to put the vehicle in park. According to the report, the officer issued the order four times. The officer said the Arendt replied, “Or else what?”

Before the officer could exit his cruiser, the Arendt drove across the yard and commons area. The officer activated the emergency lights and followed him. Arendt continued across the yard into the playground area, driving over the sand. He stopped when his path was blocked by the flag poles, according to the police report.

The officer pointed his electronic control device at the driver and told him to follow directions or be stunned. The driver complied.

After arrest the man was belligerent, according to the report, allegedly threatening the live of the officer.

A breathalyzer showed a blood alcohol content of .24 – three times the legal limit. He had three previous impaired driving charges. He was also on parole. According to police, conditions included that he must not use alcoholic beverages, must not drive a motor vehicle, and must not engage in assaultive or threatening behavior.

Rental Scam Nets $500

A 75-year-old Saline man was defrauded for $500 through an internet application by a woman who claimed to be trying to rent an Ann Arbor home to the man’s son.

The man’s son asked his father for assistance to rent an Ann Arbor home he’d spotted on  According to the police report, an agent requested the man download the Square Cash app on to his phone and directly send $500 to her. He linked his Key Bank account to the app and followed her instructions.

He later checked into the matter and found the property wasn’t actually for rent.

Key Bank canceled his debit card and advised him to contact police to allow for a refund of the $500.

Egged Vehicle Causes $500 in Damage

A resident of the 400 block of Mills Road called police after his Ford Edge was egged sometime between Sept. 23 and Sept. 30. The egging caused permanent damage to the passenger side rear quarter panel and roof.

Estimate for the repair was $515.

Wallet Missing at Faurecia

A Faurecia employee called police after someone apparently stole her wallet from work Oct. 3. The woman had her wallet in the morning. When she came back from Tim Hortons he wallet was missing. The wallet contained two debit cards, 2 $50 bills, and identification.

Fraud Reported

A 27-year-old Valley Circle Drive man called police to report an attempted fraud. He said on Oct. 3 he received 10 different calls from five different numbers out of Washington D.C. The caller claimed to be from the government and told him he was receiving a grant for $9,000, that he could pick up at the local Wal-Mart.

Police looked into the phone numbers but could not gather information about the account holders.

The man was given an identity theft packet and report number.

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