Drunk Driver Stops to Snooze in Saline

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 07/24/2017 - 12:52

Police arrested a drunk Manchester man who stopped for a snooze in Saline.

Around 3 a.m. July 22, police spotted a gold, Dodge pickup truck parked at Gerry’s Tires. The truck’s trail lights were on and the rear turn signal was flashing. Police investigated and found a 25-year-old man sleeping behind the wheel. The truck’s headlights were on and the radio was playing. The keys were in the ignition and the vehicle was in drive. Police woke the man and he had difficulty placing the vehicle in park when asked by police.

A preliminary breath test showed a blood alcohol content of .218, more than double the legal limit for driving.

The man told police he’d been at Gerry’s Tires for about 15 minutes before police arrived.

He was arrested.

Thefts From Vehicles in Maplewood Farms

Several residents in the Maplewood Farms subdivision awoke July 14 to find items stolen from their vehicles.

A Middlewood Drive woman called police to report that someone broke into her vehicle and stole several items. A Middlewood Drive man said that someone entered both vehicles in his driveway and took loose change. The man’s Oakley sunglasses and cell phone charger were also taken.

Police advised residents to search Craigslist, Ebay and Facebook Market for the stolen goods.


Faster Horses Patron Too Drunk to Drive

A Fenton man was arrested for drunk driving on the way back from the Faster Horses concert around 1 a.m. July 24. Police spotted a 2017 Buick Envision on the road without its headlights or taillights on. Police stopped the vehicle and spoke to the 29-year-old Fenton man, who couldn’t provide vehicle paperwork in the vehicle owned by auto dealership that employed him.

A breath test showed a blood alcohol content of .21 – more than twice the legal limit. He was transported to the Washtenaw County jail where he was held until sober. The vehicle was impounded.

Driver Admits to Drinking 12 Beers

Police arrested a Dearborn man who said he drank about 12 beers in five hours before getting behind the wheel.

Police were running stationary radar at the Mobile gas station on West Michigan Avenue when an officer sotted a 2006 Buick Lacrosse enter the parking lot at the VP Party store at 3 a.m., July 20. The store was closed for the evening. The vehicle stopped and then turned around, exiting the parking lot to go west on Michigan Avenue. Police followed the driver, who slowed to almost a stop on a road with a 50 MPH speed limit. Police activated emergency lights for a traffic stop. A preliminary breath test showed a blood alcohol content of .226 – nearly three times the legal limit for driving.

The 24-year-old man was arrested and his vehicle was towed.

Wildwood Trail Home Egged

A Wildwood Trail man called police to report that someone egged his home and his son’s vehicle sometime in early in the morning July 23. The 50-year-old man told police his son came home with his vehicle around 2 a.m. At 8:30 a.m., the man went outside and saw egg on his son’s vehicle and his home.

A neighbor told police that at around 2:30 a.m. she saw three college-age boys walk through her backyard, set down a yellow container by the woods, and then walk toward the man’s home. She then heard several “thuds” and saw the three males run back through her yard.

Police canvassed the area but did not see any other damaged homes and did not find evidence.


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