Huron Valley Ambulance Awards Shane Flynn with Star of Life Award

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 05/18/2020 - 18:42

Huron Valley Ambulance, the EMS provider for Washtenaw County, Southwestern Oakland County and parts of Western Wayne County, has named its 2020 Star of Life Award recipient. The Star of Life Award is a national honor given to EMS providers across the country, it is presented to EMTs and paramedics who go above and beyond the call of duty and who provide exemplary frontline care. 

Huron Valley Ambulance’s 2020 Star of Life recipient is Van Buren resident, paramedic Shane Flynn. Shane joined Huron Valley Ambulance as a paramedic in 2014. During his time with HVA, he has been promoted to Senior Paramedic, and today serves as a Field Training Officer, mentoring and training new employees. Shane is an excellent fit for the FTO team because he strives to see others exceed the goals they set for themselves and better their lives through personal growth. 

Shane is well respected by fellow employees and HVA’s leadership team. HVA Vice President Paul Hood says of Shane, “Shane is a strong leader, one who teaches by example. His mentality is "service above self," he is always willing to go above and beyond the call of duty to help anyone in need. Shane is a knowledgeable paramedic with excellent patient care skills. He is able to balance expertise with a compassionate bedside manner, allowing him to put patient needs at the forefront of all he does. When caring for a patient Shane also considers the needs of their family, making an extra effort to explain the procedures he's performing and why they're needed.”

Shane states that he views EMS as a customer service and that he does not view himself as above completing little tasks to improve patient comfort. Shane is known for asking his patients, "Is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable?" - a question which his partners have seen the impact of, and as a result, have adopted themselves.  

In addition to his years at HVA, Shane served for six years at Berlin Township Fire Department and four years at Concord EMS. 

Outside of work, Shane's most important priority is his family. He enjoys spending time with son Liam and wife Whitney; they can be found doing outdoor activities, especially hiking and fishing. Shane says he and his wife have had opportunities to move out of state. However, being close to family keeps them in Michigan; he values how his relationship with his extended family has continued to deepen by choosing to stay local.

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