Saline Police Rescue Disoriented Woman From Dangerous Cold

 01/09/2018 - 05:59

Police rescued a disoriented Temperance woman who was found calling for help, underdressed in the biting cold on Jan. 4.

Family of the 33-year-old Temperance woman called the Saline Police Department that evening to report she was at the Speedway at 134 E. Michigan Ave. and likely in need of medical assistance. Saline Police officer Don Lupi spoke to the caller and noted the woman and her vehicle, a dark minivan, matched the description given after a hit-and-run crash at the same Speedway station earlier that evening.

Officer Lupi began searching the area after the woman’s family reported her missing and endangered with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Department.

Working with Monroe police, Saline dispatcher Terry Seames was able to “ping” the woman’s phone, which provided coordinates indicating the woman was located near Tefft Court and Woodland Drive. Saline Police Officer Ed Gauthier joined Lupi in the search while Dispatcher Seames continued to ping the phone. Saline Police sought assistance from their colleagues in Pittsfield Township, who provided two personnel to aid in the search.

While police searched, an employee from Flatout Bread, on Woodland Drive, called the Saline Police Department and reported hearing a woman’s voice calling for help from a nearby field. At around 10:30 p.m., Lupi found the woman’s van in the parking lot at Flatout Bread. Employees said the vehicle had been parked there since about 7 p.m.

Temperatures were now below zero with wind chills nearing -30.

Lupi and Pittsfield Sgt. Matt Hornbeck followed the calls for help and located the woman 100 yards from her vehicle.

She was found without a coat, wearing just one shoe and she was disoriented. Lupi and Hornbeck carried her to a Pittsfield Township patrol car and provided her with blankets and comfort until medical personnel arrived from Huron Valley Ambulance to transport her to a local hospital for treatment. The woman’s core body temperature had dropped to 88 degrees. Hypothermia can occur when the core body temperature drops below 95. At the hospital she was treated for frostbite. She is expected to recover.

Saline Police Chief Jerrod Hart complimented the teamwork of his officers and dispatcher, other agency police officers, and the alert Flatout Bread employee who helped police find the woman.

“I am very proud of Officer Lupi, Officer Gauthier and Dispatcher Seames for their demonstrated teamwork with not only each other, but colleagues from the Pittsfield Township Police Department and Monroe County Sheriff’s Office. I would also like to thank and recognize the employee of Flat Out Bread for reporting their observations which certainly aided in a successful conclusion to this case,” Chief Hart said.

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