Board of Education Will Use Survey to Evaluate Superintedent Graden

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 05/05/2017 - 00:31

As part of its performance evaluation of Superintendent Scot A. Graden, the Saline Area Schools Board of Education is launching its annual survey to solicit feedback from parents and employees.

The survey launches Tuesday, May 9, and participants are being randomly selected. Chosen participants will be notified via an email invitation and survey link from independent research and communications firm K12 Insight.

Survey questions address Graden’s performance this school year in several areas, including community relations, communication, student achievement, leadership, and innovation.

The survey will be open through Tuesday, May 23. Feedback will be included in Graden’s annual performance evaluation, helping the board understand where the district’s leadership is working well and where it needs improvement to help set Graden’s performance goals for next school year.

The board worked with K12 Insight to develop the survey, and K12 Insight is administering the survey and compiling results.

All responses are strictly confidential. No one at the district, including Graden, will be able to connect participants to their answers. Email reminders for nonparticipants, which are automatically generated by K12 Insight’s software, do not impact confidentiality.

For more information about the survey, contact Karen Delhey at [email protected]

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