Bond Work Continues This Summer At Saline Area Schools

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 07/16/2019 - 16:48
A look at construction work being done in the Saline Middle School science pod. (photo by Rex Clary/Saline Area Schools)

Students attending Saline High School and Saline Middle School for the 2019-2020 school year will see some of the fruits of the $67.5 million bond their parents and neighbors in the community approved in 2015.

Saline Area Schools Superintendent Scot Graden reported to the Board of Education during last week's regular meeting on Tuesday evening that all ongoing work in on schedule.

"The bond continues to move along, we are on schedule and moving forward," Graden said. "There are some issues that have developed as we've gotten into the middle school, but we've been able to address those. The weather seems to have been favorable to us on the outside work and we are on schedule as of right now."

Clark Construction Company was the low bid when the district sent out a Request for Proposals as part of the bidding process for the work last year.

The work at Saline High School began on March 20 of this year when Clark started work on the track and tennis portion of the bond work, which includes replacing the old worn out track with a new full polyurethane rubber coated track. The renovations include new underground storm-water drainage piping to keep water buildup during heavy rains and general sewer system issues from flooding the track and tennis facilities which is intended as a measure to keep these facility investments in good shape for a much greater length of time.

The estimated completion date for the track and tennis renovations is the week of August 12.

Also at the high school, Clark more recently began work on the West Parking Lot reconfiguration. Demolition began on June 4 and completion is projected for the week of August 16.

The reconfigured lot will allow safer traffic flow thanks to new traffic and pedestrian signage. The sidewalk will be extended at the stadium entrance with architectural bollards and at the Campus Parkway a crosswalk and pathway will enhance pedestrian crossing safety during baseball games.

Saline Middle School students with an interest in the sciences will enjoy a significantly renovated and enhanced science wing thanks to the bond funding.

Clark began removing the HVAC and electrical systems from the existing science wing along with architectural features to prep the space starting on June 17.

The new science wing will have up-to-date heating and cooling including vertical unit ventilators, which are designed to provide higher air quality in classrooms, as well as new LED interior lighting, and more capable air exhaust fans.

The wing's teacher stations will also have a newer layout, the acoustic ceiling tiles will be replaced with a more effective acoustic ceiling spray, and sliding glass partitions will be in place to allow "collaboration spaces" for teachers and students.

New cabinets and epoxy counter-tops with including piping infrastructure will allow students and teachers work spaces that are safe and appropriate for a science education setting. 

No specific week was given as a completion target for the science wing, but Clark's report to the school board promised completion in time for students and staff returning for the 2019-2020 school.

Graden thanked everyone in the community for supporting the bond and also thanked those undertaking the work for their efforts.

He has been vocal about keeping the work scope, cost estimates, and completion projections within parameters and expectations since bond discussions started to turn to these project priorities last year. 

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