Saline Area Schools Announces Format for Hearing on Sex Education Changes

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 05/08/2017 - 16:08

Saline Area Schools has announced the format of the May 15 public hearing on proposed changes to Sex Education classes at Saline High School

Below is the letter emailed to parents today.

To: SAS Community

Re: Proposed Changes to the SAS Sex Education Curriculum at the High School level

When: May 15 and May 30, 6:00 PM, Liberty School Media Center

Details: We will have a discussion with the public about proposed changes in the delivery of the sex education curriculum at Saline High School. The first change would involve having the current health curriculum be delivered through a program provided by Planned Parenthood in the way of Peer-to-Peer teaching (trained high school aged students teaching other SHS students about sex education in our health classes). Peer-to-Peer presenters go through 50 hours of diverse training in order to be able to deliver this curriculum. The second change would involve adding a component to the sex education curriculum that specifically includes information regarding sexual health terminology as it applies to all individuals, including LGBQT youth, as well as current mental, emotional, social, and sexual health statistics in regards to sexual minority youth. We will also discuss adding a combination of the peer-to-peer presentations (focusing on consent, sexual assault and healthy relationships) to the Senior Strategies class, a senior only elective course, at the SHS.  

Format for Public Discussion on May 15th:

  1. Explain the proposed changes, research, etc……refer to this document as  guide for our discussion: Proposed Changes to Sex Education Curriculum at Saline High School - Comparison Document  

  2. Introduce Sex Education Advisory Council and purpose of the Council

  3. Ground rules for the respectful, be a good listener, debate issues / organizations and not individual people. This is a discussion with no pre-determined action, etc.

  4. Provide an opportunity for the public to ask questions and make comments. Participants will fill out a card and have up to two minutes to comment and/or ask series of questions

  5. All participants (and the public, in general) will have an opportunity to submit feedback and additional comments to the Sex Education Advisory Council by way of an electronic survey. The survey link will be provided at the conclusion of the first hearing.

  6. Sex Education Advisory Council will respond to questions if answers are known. If not, questions will be researched and responded to at the second hearing on May 30th.

  7. Sex Education Advisory Council will review the feedback from the public after the May 15th hearing. We will then determine next steps for the second hearing on May 30th.

  8. Feedback will be gathered from the May 30th hearing and next steps will be determined by the Council. This may or may not result in taking any type of proposal to the Board of Education.

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