Saline Middle Runners Go the Distance for Other Kids, Donate Toys for Tots

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 12/19/2019 - 17:08

Saline Middle School cross country runners went the extra mile for less fortunate kids.

Packs of kids ran from Saline Middle School to the Saline Area Fire Department Wednesday after school Wednesday - each of them carrying toys that will be donated to less fortunate kids around Washtenaw County.

The children seemed to understand their position of privilege and were happy to help those without.

"I think it's just great to contribute something to people who don't have much as we do. I think sometimes we take it for granted," said Truman Johnson, an eighth-grade student. "Plus, I think it's just good to have some fun and contribute to a good organization that does a lot for the community."

Fellow eighth-grader Dory Cook agreed.

"I really like that we do this. Just thinking about how sad it would be if we didn't have any toys for Christmas makes us want to help," Cook said.

There are 55 students in the Saline Middle School cross country winter conditioning program. After filling up a fire department table with toys, they ran to Tim Horton's for treats.

Fire Chief Craig Hoeft was impressed by the generosity and toughness of the students.

"It's cold out there and that's a pretty long run. But they're tough. The kids from the cross country program help us with Toys-4-Tots every year," Hoeft said.

Hoeft said he's constantly impressed by the community's generosity.

"We don't even have to say anything. People just seem to know. They drop off toys. They have Christmas parties and bring in boxes filled with toys," Hoeft said. "What can you say? The people in Saline are great. They love to help. You don't even have to ask anymore. They just do it."

The fire department has already delivered a large shipment of toys to Saline Area Social Service. Other toys are being donated to the Washtenaw Toys-4-Tots program.


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