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 07/16/2016 - 16:21
Mark Paulus of Clark Construction Company addresses the Saline Area Schools Board of Education Tuesday night concerning ongoing bond-related improvements throughout the district.

In a brief meeting of the Saline Area Schools Board of education Tuesday night trustees heard a presentation from Mark Paulus of Clark Construction Company concerning the ongoing bond improvements throughout the district.

Paulus said he has a large crew working to get all the necessary work done before the summer comes to an end.

“We’re averaging around 100 workers on site,” he said.

There is typically a “ramping up process” on construction sites where workers are added as needed, Paulus said, but given the scope of the projects in Saline, he and his crew have been going at the job full force.

“Everything is still on schedule for the students to come back, and more importantly to allow the staff, principals as well as teachers to come back,” he said.

Paulus said the recent dry, warm weather can be a double-edged sword in the construction process. He said it is helpful in terms of completing exterior work in a timely way, but has its problems as well.

“It does create some dust and dirty conditions, so we need to make sure we monitor that,” he said.

Heat is also a factor inside the buildings.

“We need to take care of our workers and the staff that are in the buildings right now,” Paulus said. “With temperatures over 90 degrees, we monitor that and that’s something that we review with all the workers to make sure that they're properly hydrated.”

Paulus said Pleasant Ridge Elementary School is receiving a lot of attention at the moment.

“The biggest interior project is at Pleasant Ridge,” he said, adding that ceilings and floors in the classrooms are being removed to make way for updated ductwork and new furnaces.

A new generator is being prepped for the middle school to provide backup power to the safety system, and Paulus said it is scheduled to be installed by the end of the month.

Paulus is also pleased with the work on the school offices, which he said is meeting his expectations.

So far, Paulus said necessary equipment has been delivered on time, and that his company has been able to meet all of the manpower requirements for the job despite a competitive marketplace.

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