Saline Students Names to All State Band/Orchestra

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 12/09/2019 - 12:58
Ryan Lampman, Emma Rose Reilly and Holden Collins earned MSBOA All-State Honors.

Three Saline High School student-musicians have earned places on all-state bands and orchestras.

The Michigan School Band and Orchestra announced its all-state honorees in November.

Emma Rose Reilly, clarinet, and Ryan Lampman, trombone, were named All State Band. Holden Collins, Tuba, was named All State Orchestra.

Students must prepare an announced etude, a series of scales and sight-read during each 10 minute recorded audition. Each audition is submitted using only an identification number with no reference to the student or school. The auditions are evaluated by an adjudicator and placed in order. The required number of instruments is selected to fill each section. An average of over 2,000 students audition each year for the 400 seats in our five ensembles.

In January the students assemble for two and a half days of rehearsal with nationally recognized conductors. A concert is held on the Saturday of the Michigan Music Conference.

Nate Lampman, of the Saline Area Schools Music Department, said he was proud of the students who earned the honors and all the students who auditioned.

"We are so proud of you for putting in the work to prepare and perform the audition.  It takes courage to audition for a group like this knowing that you may not be offered a position.  Thank you for representing Saline High School music so well," Lampman said.


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