The Song's Not Finished for These Singing Saline Seniors

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 05/22/2018 - 13:34

The song isn't over for this group of singing Saline High School seniors.

Sarah Price, vocal music teacher at Saline High School, is calling attention to a special 2018 graduating class.

"We have an unusually large number of students going on to study music and the arts next year," Price said. "Five out of my seven senior choir boys are majoring in music."

Below are the students pictured above, from left to right, along with where they'll study next year, and their involvement in music at Saline High School.

Matt Rock- Belmont University majoring in Commercial Music with an Emphasis in Music Composition (Guitar) BM

  • Guitar 1, Guitar 2, Music Theory, 2 Independent Studies

Eric Blovits- Wayne State University in Dance BFA

  • Choir 3 years, Ten Tones 2 years, A Cappella Basics, Introduction to Guitar, 3 SHS Musicals, Chordsmen 2 years, 1 Independent Study

Brooklyn McLean- Wayne State University in Vocal Performance BFA

  • Choir 3 years, Ten Tones 1 year, 2 SHS Musicals

Joseph Pryor- Eastern Michigan University in Vocal Music Education BM

  • Choir 3 years, Band 4 years, 3 SHS Musicals, Marching Band 4 years, Chordsmen 3 years, 1 Independent Study

Jake White- University of Michigan in Vocal Performance BM

  • Choir 3 years, Ten Tones 3 years, 4 SHS Musicals, Band 1 Year, Marching Band 4 years, Chordsmen 4 years, 1 Independent Study

Dominic Dorset- University of Michigan in Musical Theater Performance BFA

  • Orchestra 4 years, 4 SHS Musicals, Fiddlers 4 years, 1 Independent Study

Cecilia Cooper- Baldwin Wallace University in Violin Performance BM

  • Orchestra 4 years, Fiddlers 3 years, SHS Musical Pit Orchestra 3 years, 1 Independent Study

Jimmy Lancaster- Ohio Northern University in Musical Theater BFA

  • Choir 3 years, Band 2 years, Ten Tones 3 years, A Cappella Basics, 4 SHS Musicals, Marching Band 2 years, Chordsmen 1 year,  1 Independent Study
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