207 S. Monroe St.

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The eyesore on South Monroe Street should soon be demolished, according to developer Damien Farrell, who bought the house and surrounding property...


Saturday, 2017 Aug 26th

Saline City Councillor Dean Girbach criticized vandals who painted obscenities about the mayor and city manager on an abandoned South Monroe...


Wednesday, 2017 Mar 15th

At the well-attended March 6 Saline City Council meeting, many issues were considered. Among them were: a decision on addressing roof problems at...


Monday, 2016 Aug 29th

Damian Farrell (left) is assisted in presenting his plans by Darby Kolano of Reinhart.

The Saline Planning Commission has had two meetings this month, both with public hearings, concerning only one project. That project, at 207...


Friday, 2016 Jul 15th

Plans for a ranch-style condominium development at 207 Monroe Street have moved another step forward. In Monday’s meeting, the Saline City Council...