History of Saline

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Monday, 2016 Sep 19th

It’s out.  The first comprehensive book about Saline history since the Centennial in 1966.

The new book is part of the celebration as...


Monday, 2016 Sep 12th

In 1850, William Melville Gregory of Saline was doing well as a farmer. With his farmland worth $3,200, he was a wealthy man.

The census...


Wednesday, 2016 Aug 03rd

Photo of ice cream production in Saline about 1890 at a Saline hotel. Photo donated by Grover B. Alber, grandson of bakery/confectionary owner John A. Alber of Saline.

When Grover Alber donated this photo to the Saline Historical Society, he said it was taken about 1890 at the hotel and bakery operated by his...