LETTER: Driskell Will Focus on Bringing Access to Affordable Health Care to Our Communities


To The Editor:

My wife can no longer vote, so it's all the more important that I cast my own vote for Gretchen Driskell, in her race for the 7th Congressional District. Gretchen strongly supports affordable health care, including early diagnosis for the Alzheimer's Disease that has robbed my wife of the ability to walk, or talk, or feed herself.

With likely well over 10,000 seniors in the District living with Alzheimers or other dementias, and maybe 25,000 more constituents taking care of them, and with those numbers rising daily, Gretchen's commitment to quality medical care for all contrasts sharply with the Republicans' opposition to protecting seniors with pre-existing conditions, and to lowering drug costs.

And the fact that well over 10% of all Covid deaths have been persons with dementia underscores the tragedy of the Republicans' mishandling of the pandemic. For these reasons I strongly urge you to cast your vote for Gretchen Driskell, a representative who will focus on bringing our communities affordable, accessible healthcare. 

Jim Mangi

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