Saline Police: $20,000 Theft from Tattoo Parlor, Assault Over Lost Cat & More

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 08/19/2019 - 18:09

About $20,000 in property was reportedly stolen from a tattoo shop on West Michigan Avenue sometime July 29-30. The owner returned to the parlor and found drawers left open at workstation throughout the business. Closet doors were left open and items on the shelves were scattered all over the floor.

Among the missing property was a Smith & Wesson  semi-automatic .22 caliber rifle on an assault rifle platform. It was in a black, soft gun case.

Anyone with information should contact Saline Police at 734-429-7911.

Lost Cat Leads to Assault

A Saline man was arrested for assault after allegedly flying into a rage and swinging at his nephew and roommate over a lost cat in Six Trails Apartments. The incident occurred Aug. 7.

Someone left a sliding door open, allowing a 31-year-old man’s cat to escape. The man and his nephew’s girlfriend were arguing about it. The girlfriend then entered the bedroom of her boyfriend, who works midnights and was sleeping, and said his uncle was yelling at her. The 19-year-old nephew said, “It’s just a ******* cat,” according to the report, which enraged his uncle. The uncle jumped on the man in his bed and swung his fist at him, failing to connect, according to the report. The tussle broke up, but started again moments later after another comment. Again, according to the report, the uncle swung a fist. This time, the nephew dodged the punch and struck bag, delivering a punch to his face.

When police arrived, the older roommate was holding a bag of frozen vegetables to his face.

The older roommate denied any physical altercation and said he tripped over work boots and hit his face on a coffee table. Police arrested him for domestic violence.

Milan Woman Admits to Stealing Credit Card From Saline Business

A Milan woman who worked for a Milan janitorial firm may face felony charges for stealing credit cards from a Saline business serviced by her company, and then using the cards to buy gas and a tent.

In May, a Saline business owner was notified of someone trying to use a business credit card at the Gamestop in Ypsilanti. The charge was denied, but the owner found charges at a Milan gas station and the Saline Wal-Mart. The owner told Saline Police the only people with access to the building were employees and people from the janitorial firm.

Police were able to view video from the Wal-Mart and match the image with two employees of the janitorial firm. During interviews with suspects, the 19-year-old female suspect told police she went into the South Ann Arbor Street business and stole business credit cards in a desk drawer.

The prosecutor’s office authorized a complaint for stealing or using a credit card without consent – a felony charge that carries up to four years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

Man Faces Charge for Resisting Arrest, Drunk Driving

A Milan man already wanted for home invasion will now likely face charges for resisting arrest and drunk driving. On June 11, around 10 p.m., Saline Police spotted a running vehicle parked at the Village Party Store on the city’s west end. Police ran a plate and found a felony warrant out of Pittsfield Township. Police parked across the street and watched the Ford Focus pull out. Police stopped the vehicle after it turned on to Austin Road. The driver was immediately confrontational, according to the police report. He resisted as police arrested him and attempted to pull away. Police took him to the ground and cuffed him, according to the report. He continued to resist, kicking his car door shut. He also threatened to “beat” one of the officers. In the department’s holding cell, he continued making threats and he continually kicked the cell’s glass, banged his cuffs against a speaker box, and urinated all over the cell.

The 26-year-old man refused a breath test. Police obtained a warrant to draw blood.

Man Walks Out of CVS With $224 in Booze

The prosecuting attorney’s office has authorized a second degree retail fraud complaint against a 24-year-old Ypsilanti Township man accused of walking out of the CVS with $224 in liquor June 20. The suspect loaded 11 bottles of liquor into a hand-held basket and walked straight out of the store, heading north along the parking lot. An employee called police who arrived within minutes but were unable to locate the suspect. CVS provided video to the police. Sgt. Jay Basso shared still images of the suspect with area law enforcement agencies. A Pittsfield officer was able to recognize him from a past case. Police were able to match the still images with his driver’s license photo.

Vandalism on Wayne Clements Memorial Trail

An unknown suspect vandalized signs and trash receptacle along the Wayne Clements Memorial Trail near the Stone & Thistle Garden Club gardens recently. The graffiti, done in marker, was reported Aug. 15 and cleaned within two days.

A 19-year-old Gregory man was arrested July 21 for drunk driving. Police received a dispatch advising them to be on the look out for a possible drunk driver headed toward the city from Saline Township. The suspect vehicle was spotted near Weller’s travelling faster than other vehicles. Police watched the vehicle and noticed it hugging the lane and driving on to the yellow line. Police activated the siren and the vehicle stopped 23 seconds later. A breath test showed a blood alcohol level for .15 – nearly twice the legal limit. The man was arrested and the truck was impounded.

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