City Calls Exterminator for Mill Pond Park Wasps

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 08/01/2016 - 18:06

(From the City of Saline Manager Todd Campbell)

The City of Saline’s Department of Public Works (DPW) has been battling wasps for the past four weeks in and around the play structure located at Mill Pond Park. 

A number of wasp nests have been and continue to be identified and sprayed numerous times at and near the play structure.  Unfortunately, the wasps continue to rebuild and relocate their nests in and around the play structure.  The hot weather tends to make wasps more active and aggressive; making the situation even more challenging. 

The DPW placed a sign, warning of the increased wasp activity, at the entry of the play structure at Mill Pond Park this past Thursday.  The DPW placed additional signs around the perimeter of the play structure as of today – Monday.  Additionally, a professional exterminator will be on-site tomorrow, in the early morning (Tuesday) spraying for the wasps.  

The City of Saline encourages park visitors to be vigilant when using the play structure at Mill Pond Park as well as other play equipment in all City parks.  Please continue to report locations of nests and wasp activity to DPW Director Jeff Fordice at [email protected].  Please remember that during the summer time, wasps will be present in many outdoor places.  Please use caution when you observe wasp activity. 

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